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Steps To Keep Your Employees Safe During Covid-19

The Corona-virus pandemic has directed a spotlight on the responsibility employers must undertake to protect their employees. Keeping staff not only aware, but being proactive in combating the spread of the virus is paramount to avoid mass sickouts and promote employee moral.

While there are still unknowns on the horizon, health experts agree that a few simple procedures can make a significant impact on curbing the spread of Covid-19. The steps below require no significant outlay of funds and can have an immediate impact in any office environment.

1. Adapt and Adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines As Closely As Possible
Keeping a strict distance of 6 feet apart from coworkers in a cramped office space may not always be feasible, however, adaptations can be made. Reorganizing desks, staggering break times, prohibiting congregations at pinch points like water coolers, etc. are quite simple things to do. Erecting cart based or wall hanging file drop locations on the outside of offices prevents direct person to person contact.

2. Avoid Employee Sharing of Items
Eliminate the days of “hey, can I borrow your stapler.” Make each employee responsible for their own space/tools, and avoid spreading the virus by multiple touches. No sharing of computer keyboards, phones, mouse, staplers, or any other personal items. If necessary with community tools such as copy machines and the like, after each use require employees to wipe down touched areas with a disinfecting agent.

3. Provide Access To Necessary Cleaning Agents and PPE
Make available to employees hand sanitizer, gloves, face masks, and ensure bathroom soap dispensers are adequately filled. With the proper tools at their disposal, educate them on proper hand washing techniques and encourage daily sanitizing of items.

4. Communicate Your Strategy
Even with the best of intentions, if employees are unaware of protocols in place, they will be missed. Regular virus prevention meetings (safely spaced of course), posted flyers, company-wide reminder emails, are all essential in spreading the word. Well educated employees equal safe employees. Redundancy is the key.

5. Hire Professionals To Disinfect and Clean
Expecting employees to thoroughly clean/disinfect a facility is not only unrealistic, but also fraught with danger and liability. Hiring a professional janitorial service trained to handle disinfection and sanitation assures your environment will receive a cleaning up to proper standards. The cost will be recouped in less employee sick days, a clean image, and a boost in company-wide happiness.

To learn more about how Extensive Cleaning Services can help your business in Melbourne Florida  and surrounding areas navigate through Corona-virus, contact us today. We are happy to help with any janitorial or disinfection related questions. Be safe.

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